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FOX News
Dec 8, 2013 7:00pm PST
passing more laws. now we are drowning in red tape. >> i can't eat the way i want. i can't drink the water i want. i can't poop the way i want. >> like a disease. like a mold. it just eats you through. >> get out of my life. >> itthis magician has to have license for his rabbit? these men were arrested for offering home improvement. >> how does any normal human supposed to understand this? >> i don't have that answer. >> the constitution says i have a right to bear arms. whe i can't do this legally. >> the good news some cut through the red tape. >> i choose to be a survivor not a victim. >> families have a better experience. even i can drive a cab. >> all of these people are combatant in the war on the little guy. >> a certain amount of regulation is good. the problem is they don't stop. >> i woulden out of business. >> when every phone call there came more bureaucratic red tape. >> law endless rules strangle them. our government adds thousands of new pages of law every year. that is on top of the 17 # 5,000 pages they passed in prior years. >> this is just what you see her just the feder
FOX Business
Dec 1, 2013 9:00pm EST
, but because of the lack of rule of law, the definition of who owns what in because they don't have addresses, can't get the credit. john: don't have addresses. >> well, to get an address somebody has to recognize the that is where you live. legal recognition. legal recognition means property when youhave property, mailing address is command when you make a deal was soeone you can be identified. the first -- the second characteristic in the is the address. if you go anywhere they say what is in a minority live. and some property is defined by law they cannot get into the kind of deals or the division of labor which is cooperation, specializing and create wealth because that is what makes you will the, the fact you don't have to milk a cow every day. you n't have to us borderland every day, build your own house. you can stick to doing a tv program. this par of a blackberry. the all market put together. the whole building, take care of it, and they can specialize. the day that they get titles, the day that the businesses in their homes, the sewing machines , whatever it is, the carepair shop fi
FOX News
Dec 1, 2013 7:00pm PST
be better than that? let's take this law here and make it wider. i don't think it's teern neither destroying the rain forest. >> the rain forest is public property. it's on your hand they capture the benefit for yourself in the form of more wood. if you are in a public land can't control it is not yours to claim and take care of the next person comes in cuts down the tree that you decided to bypass and they capture it. the rain forest gets butchered. >> the government owned forest. they are more forest fires on the government owned forest. privately owned forest people are more incentive to take care of their woods. >> to not cut it down early. that's the biggest problem with common property. we see it with the pilgrims they pick it early. if you keep a small wish rather than throwing it back if it is not your pond. if it is an ocean someone else may throw it. if it is your p pond let it grow to the size that it should grow. if it is publically owned you are worried about the other poacher coming in and taking it. >> i can understand how fish farming private ownership of a fish would work in
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)